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Sheffield, UK


It’s a tale as old as rock’n’roll: those who take the mic get the attention, but behind the star turn is an unsung hero. Ed is a singer, songwriter from Sheffield, U.K and a creative catalyst for over a decade as guitarist and songwriter in Reverend And The Makers and former bandmate of Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner and Matt Helders. He has found his own voice, singing his own beautifully crafted, emotionally resonant songs that tap into the human condition with the skill of a seasoned balladeer. Debut album 'Fortunes Favour' was released on 9th April 2021 and his sophomore album will be released in the Spring of 2024 and is a much anticipated follow up. If first single “Doghouse” is an indication of what’s to come, the second offering is set to be a real breakout album and an exciting continuation of his story.

Ed has enjoyed a rich musical life, creating hit songs and albums, playing shows across the world, without many truly understanding the significance of his influence and vision. His solo work brings together the culmination of many years honing his craft and bursts with tremolo-rich, strings-soaked melody. Cosens is a key – though perhaps somewhat overlooked – figure in Sheffield’s culture-changing, musical explosion of the mid 2000's and a mainstay of the Sheffield scene ever since. With an emotive, heart-swelling collection of songs and production to match, Cosens not only steps but leaps out of the shadows and into a much deserved spotlight.

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