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Into the South are a female-fronted rock band that delivers electrifying performances fuelled by powerhouse vocals, soaring harmonies, and a rhythm section that won't quit.

Led by the captivating voice of Sophie, Into the South craft anthems that blend raw energy with intricate melodies.

Each member of Into the South brings a unique energy to the stage. Danny unleashes searing riffs and scorching leads, while Phil lays down a foundation of rock-solid grooves, accompanied by Sandy's funky rhythm. Albi keeps the pulse racing with his chest pounding drumming, creating a tight-knit unit that pulsates with infectious energy.

But it's the vocal interplay that truly sets Into the South apart. Sophie belts out powerful catchy choruses while the other members intertwine their voices in stunning harmonies, creating a wall of sound that's both beautiful and undeniably powerful.

Whether they're delivering stadium-sized singalongs or intimate, emotionally charged ballads, Into the South connects with audiences.

With a live show that's as captivating as their music, Into the South are quickly building a loyal following. They've already shared the stage with established acts and are set to make themselves known nationally. Get ready to be swept away by the raw talent and undeniable chemistry of Into the South.

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